Matt Taylor

Matt is a drummer, cajon player and occasional singer from High Wycombe.

Born at a very early age, his musical aspirations were dealt an early blow when he was told, at age 11, that he couldn’t learn drums at school.

Giving up the dream, he listened instead to all styles of music. His childmood was mostly consumed by the rock ‘n’ roll, country and western and musicals that his parents liked, mixed in with glam rock and chart music.

After starting work, he discovered a liking for heavy rock and blues music. In his mid-twenties, he picked up the sticks and joined a band of ageing rockers called TAR. With TAR, he gigged and recorded a demo EP called PURE TO THE CORE

After four years, TAR evolved into Hatcher, and then after another three years, Hatcher played their last gig. Thinking that was it, Matt didn’t play for a few years till he started going to jams. At this time, he was nicknamed MAN LIKE MATT by his daughter’s music college class, which is now his Instagram account handle.

Matt was welcomed into the fold after a few Ilk gigs and can now be found skulking at his drums, somewhere behind Dane, Johnno and Dave.

Photo by Simon Falconer