Dane Cobain

Dane Cobain is a published author, freelance writer and (occasional) poet and musician. He’s been making noise on the guitar since he was fourteen and has released four home-recorded albums (Nocturne, Sketches, Discordia and Echoes), each of which is available on Spotify and as a digital download.

His musical education started with a stint as a die-hard Nirvana fan (hence the name), followed up with a rediscovery of The Beatles and 50s rock ‘n’ roll and then a foray into indie-folk, UK hip-hop and 90s alternative rock. These days, he listens to a mixture of the lot.

When he’s not playing bass or guitar for The Ilk, he’s usually reading, writing and reviewing books or watching Davie504 on YouTube and wishing he could play like him.

Photo by Mark Page