About The Ilk

Founded by musicians and songwriters Dave “Twanglin’ Jack” Ford and Dane Cobain, The Ilk is a musical duo playing a mix of covers and originals in genres ranging from britpop and rock ‘n’ roll to cheesy pop and showtunes. Come see us at a show sometime (and feel free to pull up a cajon).


Dane Cobain (guitar/vox): Dane Cobain is a published author, freelance writer and (occasional) poet and musician. He’s been making noise on the guitar since he was fourteen and has released four home-recorded albums (NocturneSketches, Discordia and Echoes), each of which is available on Spotify and as a digital download.

Dave Ford (guitar/vox): From 1978 to 1982, Dave played guitar in a post punk/power pop band called The Chevrons, gigging regularly mostly in Greater London. They recorded a single called ‘Sindy’s Got An Action Man’. He uses the stage name ‘Twangling Jack’ (a Shakespearian insult from Taming of the Shrew). He’s well-known in the Wycombe area for a YouTube video which is a musical tribute to High Wycombe.

Matt Taylor (drums): Matt is a drummer, cajon player and occasional singer from High Wycombe. He was welcomed into the fold after a few Ilk gigs and can now be found skulking at his drums, somewhere behind Dane, Johnno and Dave.