12 Step Programme is Out Now!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update today to let you know that our new album, 12 Step Programme is out now!

It’s available as both a physical CD and a digital download via Bandcamp, and you can also stream it for free on Spotify or pick it up at one of our gigs.

  1. Watch the Planet Die
  2. C U Next Tuesday
  3. The Vampire Song
  4. Sober
  5. Present Past Imperfect
  6. Gloves and Sunglasses
  7. Since I Fell for You
  8. Rock City
  9. Where Did the Good Times Go?
  10. I’ll Be Mad if You’ll Be Boring
  11. Burly Chassis (In the Heat of the Night)
  12. Lean Down On Me

We’re super proud of this album, especially because we recorded the bulk of it during COVID lockdowns with Dave recording in the Ilk Shed and Dane recording in his living room. We think it came together nicely!

The album also features Rik Cunningham on guitar in Rock City, as well as additional vocals by Amanda de Grey and Clarissa James. The photo was taken by Andrei Spiridon at our spiritual home, Wycombe Arts Centre.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to check out 12 Step Programme and to let us know what you think!

We’re Now On Instagram!

Yes, you read that right – we’ve finally caved and signed up to Instagram!

We shoot a lot of videos of our performances and so IGTV gives us another place to share those, and it’s also nice to share occasional behind-the-scenes updates from our live shows. Posting them from our personal accounts just doesn’t cut it.

So if you’re on Instagram and you’d like to give us a follow, be sure to check out @TheIlkstagram for more. We do our best to return the favour by following as many musicians and music-related accounts as we can!

In other news, we’ve also been carrying out some updates to our website and social media profiles, so feel free to have a look around and to see what you can see. We look forward to seeing you at a gig sometime soon!